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Way to go, SW Kansas!!

by Ben Catley Curator, Southwest Preps

You're about to read a generic piece about Southwest Kansas high school sports. We're doing this for no other reason than to do what we originally set out to do in the summer of 2019 - brag about the kids in the Southwest part of the Sunflower State.

You've made it. The crop of rising seniors and juniors, and the recent graduates, some of which will be wrapping up their high school careers this week at a state event, have survived one of the most bizarre two-year runs you could imagine.

Non only have you been able to hang in there and perform to the best of your abilities on the performance field, you have shown all of us what it's like to be resilient as human beings. You've had to deal with adults, who were trying to do the right thing and be cautious against a great unknown, taking away the reasons you wake up early, put the extra work in, and in some cases, go to school period.

You've been sheltered away from your friends in traditional contact - which I secretly think you were ready for because most of you are FaceTime and Snapchat ninjas and can probably develop the next great form of social media - and have had to find way to work on your own.

The best day, to me, on the high school calendar actually happened back in August 2020. That's when many of those same adults who took away the outlet that all of your were craving and allowed it to move forward on time, as we all have known it. Sure, we had to make some adjustments, but you showed off your resiliency again and rolled with the punches.

Sure, there were challenges, and not everything went to plan, but as I write this today, you have reached the finish line and have managed to do something your peers nationwide were not able to - play your sports, as intended, in the seasons you normally do.

You should be saluted for this achievement. It took you and your peers working together as a team to overcome an obstacle. which means, as you grow into adults and have your own families, you're probably more prepared to face the challenges you will as an adult.

Which brings up the point I hope no one misses from this whole thing - high school sports are another class in the learning tree. Working together towards a common goal, putting in the work and pulling up your teammates when needed. Learning to be responsible to your boss/coach and your peers.

You know, adult things.

Congratulations for being you, and to your future success, no matter what field it may be.

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