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Thoughts on where SW Preps goes from here

by Ben Catley

Content Manager, Southwest Preps

I know that somewhere in the Bible there is a passage that would accurately describe what the past several months have been like for all of us. Not that it readily comes to mind at the moment, but I know it's there, somewhere.

Let's just say that it's one heck of a time to start a high school sports website of any kind.

Now, no one expected to have a pandemic to deal with, one which has given us the term of "new normal" to attempt to digest. That has us making sure we're at least two yards away from someone, that we cover up our coughs, and be aware and respectful of others. (Well, duh ... shouldn't we always be respectful of others??)

However, instead of talking about someone making a run on the golf course to gold, track performances which are setting an entire state on its ear, or Elkhart defending their state baseball title ... we are seeing empty fields, empty buildings and Stay-at-Home orders.

COVID-19 has also shut the doors on businesses, caused people (many of which follow us) to have their lives altered in a number of different ways and a finish line which has yet to be defined.

It would be easy for us to just throw in the towel, to pack it in, let things sit quietly and just fade this idea of giving Southwestern Kansas teams, players, coaches and fans the additional exposure that they deserve. To not worry about how this site survives.

However, there's two things you may not know about me, yet. For one, I was born on May 12th, which makes me a Taurus. In other words, when I believe in the success of something, I'm as stubborn as a bull about it, and don't waiver that easily.

Secondly - I'm so passionate about high school sports, about what kind of teaching opportunities can rise from it, for all involved; and for what it can do to lift up a community, that it would take a lot for me to just let it fade away.

How stubborn am I? We're starting a similar website in Southeastern Colorado.

Over the next few weeks, we will start publishing season wrap-ups on all the teams from Southwestern Kansas. All 24 schools we pay attention to will get the same treatment. Some may be more in-depth than others, depending on how handy the information will be to obtain, but we will complete the tasks.

So, as of now, we are moving forward, even planning on doing some different things for the upcoming high school sports season. Those include a live version of a scoreboard show (which may be regional, including Southwestern Kansas and Southeastern Colorado) which would be available through Podbean, and other ideas we have to square away.

The podcasts in general will be returning as well, beginning with a All-State wrap-up next week. We will likely have one more before the end of the month as well, and will keep you posted on any other changes.

In the meantime ... stay well, stay safe and follow the rules, so we can have high school sports back in our lives soon!!

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