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Girls Golf Regionals are Monday

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

The 2019 KSHSAA Girls Golf postseason will get underway on Monday, with regional action. Area teams will be at one of three locations for the regionals, which will tee off, weather-permitting, in the morning.

The 3-2-1A Hugoton Regional will be played at the Forewinds Golf Course beginning Monday at 9 am. Cimarron, Colby, Goodland, Holcomb, Stanton County, Lakin, Scott Community and Syracuse will join host Hugoton and Oakley in the regional.

Hugoton Regional Pairings: Group: 1

Starting Hole: 1 Tee Time: 9:00 AM

Gonzalez, Valeria -- Lakin

Peters, Joslyn -- Stanton County

Ryan , Sydney -- Oakley

Group: 2

Starting Hole: 1 Tee Time: 9:10 AM

McClung, Ashtin -- Goodland

Molina, Natali -- Stanton County

Schneider, Sonoma -- Holcomb

Wagner, Olivia -- Scott Community

Group: 3

Starting Hole: 1 Tee Time: 9:20 AM

Evans, Lyla -- Hugoton

Lynn, Brielle -- Cimarron

Rodriguez, Areli -- Stanton County

Wiebe, Judy -- Scott Community

Group: 4

Starting Hole: 1 Tee Time: 9:30 AM

Burkhart, Brianna -- Cimarron

Maxfield, Taylor -- Oakley

Robson, Megan -- Hugoton

Sabatka, Jalyn -- Colby

Group: 5

Starting Hole: 1 Tee Time: 9:40 AM

Jernigan, Kennedy -- Cimarron

Leslie, Moriah -- Hugoton

Schielke, Alizah -- Colby

Woodrow, Briana -- Goodland

Group: 6

Starting Hole: 1 Tee Time: 9:50 AM

Gibson, Grace -- Hugoton

Herkelman, Morgan -- Cimarron

Prewit, Paige -- Scott Community

Sims, Brinley -- Colby

Group: 7

Starting Hole: 1 Tee Time: 10:00 AM

Betz, Mya -- Colby

Huddle, Leanna -- Oakley

Lynn, Brayclen -- Cimarron

Perryman, Colby -- Goodland

Group: 8

Starting Hole: 1 Tee Time: 10:10 AM

Belden, Peyton -- Goodland

Coast, Kacee -- Cimarron

Heger, Gillian -- Hugoton

Lampe, Hannah -- Syracuse

Group: 9

Starting Hole: 1 Tee Time: 10:20 AM

Cook, Caelyn -- Stanton County

Drennan, Brooke -- Goodland

Lowrie, Jordyn -- Oakley

Weigel, Lacy -- Colby

Group: 10

Starting Hole: 1 Tee Time: 10:30 AM

Bange, Brielle -- Colby

Coleman, Andie -- Syracuse

Cook, Rylie -- Stanton County

Rudolph, Kerrigan -- Goodland

Ulysses will play in the Class 4A Andale Regional, which will take place Monday beginning at 10 am at the Cherry Oaks Golf Course in Cheney. The Tigers will play against Andale, Buhler, Clay Center Community, Concordia, Nickerson and Pratt.

Groupings for Ulysses Girls Golf (All Start at 10 am):

Sara Olson - In Group 10, Starts on 10th Hole

Adriana Romero - In Group 11, Starts on 11th Hole

Jacklyn Wolf - In Group 12, Starts on 12th Hole

Jyntri Moyer - In Group 13, Starts on 13th Hole

Betty Jo McNett - In Group 14, Starts on 14th Hole

Garden City, Dodge City and Liberal will play in the Wichita-Southeast Regional, which will begin Monday at 9 am at the McDonald Park Golf Course in Wichita. Other teams participating will be Derby, Hutchinson, Wichita-East, Wichita-Southeast, Wichita-Haysville Campus and Wichita-West.

Wichita-Southeast Pairings (Area Golfers Only):

Group: 1

Starting Hole: 1

Tee Time: 9:00 AM

McMillen, Alyssa -- Garden City HS

Group: 2

Starting Hole: 1

Tee Time: 9:09 AM

Horyna, Katie -- Liberal HS

Yi, Grace -- Garden City HS

Group: 3

Starting Hole: 1

Tee Time: 9:18 AM

Armstrong, Ashlyn -- Dodge City HS

Warren, Ryann -- Garden City HS

Group: 4

Starting Hole: 1

Tee Time: 9:27 AM

Friess, Ella -- Dodge City HS

Kells, Emma -- Garden City HS

Group: 5

Starting Hole: 1

Tee Time: 9:36 AM

Fry, Tiley -- Dodge City HS

Linenberger, Rian -- Garden City HS

Miller, McKenzie -- Liberal HS

Group: 6

Starting Hole: 1

Tee Time: 9:45 AM

Bartlett Konrade, Reanna -- Dodge City HS

Sandoval, Allison -- Garden City HS

Group: 9

Starting Hole: 1

Tee Time: 10:12 AM

Reeves, Maci -- Liberal HS

Group: 10

Starting Hole: 1

Tee Time: 10:21 AM

Aguirre, Valeria -- Dodge City HS

Landa, Edma -- Liberal HS

Group: 11

Starting Hole: 1

Tee Time: 10:39 AM

Bockelman, Cassidy -- Dodge City HS

Wagenseller, Anshlynn -- Liberal HS

Group: 12

Starting Hole: 1

Tee Time: 10:48 AM

Zhang, Mandy -- Liberal HS

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