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FB Week 8 - 8-man, 6-man playoff outlook

The state's three smallest classifications in high school football may not have the deep drama that some of the 11-man districts have in Kansas, but there's still some interesting scenarios to think about and important games this weekend to decide postseason fates.

Here's a breakdown - the best we can, anyway - of all the district races involving the 8-man and 6-man teams Southwest Preps covers. The first one we will address may be the most interesting race of the bunch.

8-man DI District 8

St. Francis has claimed the district crown. Wichita County has to only win at Oberlin over Decatur County cleanly clinch the No. 2 seed. However, they have wins over both Hoxie and Trego Community this season. Those two teams play each other at Wakeeny on Friday for the No. 3 seed.

8-man DII District 6

For all intensive purposes, this district is one of a very few in Kansas to be decided. Wheatland-Grinnell will win the district, while Triplains-Brewster, who plays at Wallace County this week, will be the No. 2 seed.

What makes this easy to figure out is that Greeley County has forfeited its district schedule, so Quinter will be declared the winner this week. From the looks of things, according to the standings on, A forfeit win is worth 21 tie-breaking points. With that in mind, even if the Sharon Springs boys win this weekend, they would only be able to claim no more than 21 points to use in a tie-breaker.

6-man South

We know that Moscow clinched the top seed from the South with last week's rout of Pawnee Heights. Shaking out the rest of the division will happen this weekend.

Pawnee Heights has the No. 2 seed out of the South no matter what their result is against Rolla. The winner of the Deerfield at Ashland game will get the remaining playoff berth. Pawnee Heights would get the No. 2 seed because they have beaten both Deerfield and Ashland this season.

6-man North

Cheylin and Weskan are headed to the postseason. They play each other for the district title at Cheylin this Friday.

From what we can tell, here's how the rest of the North breaks down.

If Cheylin wins that game, and Golden Plains beats Western Plains, it creates a three-way tie for the final two berths. However, Weskan wins a point-differential tie-breaker to claim the No. 2 seed in that scenario, and Golden Plains - who beat Natoma this season - would get the No. 3 seed.

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